newborn baby with their hand in their mouth. Lactation consultant testimonials.
As a first time Mom I didn’t know what to expect when it came to breastfeeding. I took a class and read all the hand outs that my OB provided and even then I was still at a loss once my daughter was born. My daughter was born 2 weeks early and was a whopping 6 lbs, my pediatrician was concerned about my daughter’s slow weight gain and recommended I seek out assistance from a lactation specialist.

A friend referred me to Anne, and I’m so glad she did. Anne was patient, kind, and reassuring. She not only helped me with breastfeeding but helped to ease my PPA. She helped me to figure out techniques that helped my daughter nurse, transfer milk and ultimately gain weight. She helped me to build confidence as a new mother and provided me with the reassurance that I needed. I would’ve truly been lost without her.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding for three months now, and I have Anne to thank for that!!
Anne was a lifesaver for me on several occasions throughout my breastfeeding journey. Her wealth of knowledge, limitless empathy and prompt communication made me feel secure in her care.

She was able to help me navigate through several issues in the first few months of my newborn son’s life – to include identifying and solving for an oversupply of breast milk early on, as well as coaching me through a dip in my breast milk supply later.

Her experience as both a lactation professional and a mother made her the perfect partner to have alongside me as a first time mom. Thank you, Anne!
After having my third baby, we quickly realized he had a tongue and lip tie. Not only was he struggling to gain weight, but nursing was extremely painful for me. We needed to take action quickly and that is where Amber came in. She wasted no time responding to me and coming to assess him and help me with techniques to have him latch properly. She stayed with me and casually talked as she observed him nursing and corrected our form when necessary.

I felt so comfortable with her and knew that the reason we were able to get back on track so quickly was because of her expertise. We had his tongue and lip tie revised and Amber continued to check in with me to be sure things were going well. I was able to continue breastfeeding my son until close to his second birthday. I will forever be grateful to her.
As a new mom, I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of labor and delivery, breastfeeding and everything else that comes along with a brand new baby.  I enlisted the help of Amber at Lactation Care Consultants and I can’t say enough how thankful I am of her and all of the support she provided at a time I needed it most. 

I met with Amber prior to delivery and she gave me some advice on what to expect in the hospital and what things I can ask for (such as skin to skin contact right away and trying to breastfeed right away).  She understood the process and was so knowledgeable about the issues we had (gestational diabetes) that I felt a lot more confident going into delivery. 

Our son was born via an emergency C-section and I was already prepped and ready for what questions to ask in the hospital, our skin to skin contact and breastfeeding because of Amber’s help.  While our son latched right away, he was born tongue tied, which took our breastfeeding journey on a path to the ENT doctor to get it fixed.  Amber guided me the entire way; she explained about breastfeeding with a tongue tie (ouch!), gave me advice on how to save my nipples and my sanity while it was being fixed and helped me come up with a plan. 

We talked about all aspects of feeding my baby including pumping, bottle feeding and supplementing if I needed to (I did, my son is huge).  She was so supportive and is clearly an expert at what she does.  She visited us shortly after we got home from the hospital to answer any and all questions we had, help formulate our feeding plan and even taught us how to bathe our baby (my husband and I were completely clueless). 

Amber gave me the confidence I needed at the time I needed it most and truly guided us with love and support.  I am forever grateful for her and her services.  Every mom needs this service, it helped us so much!